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By : Mr. Jacques Mashihi


Parashat  Mikeitz

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As we all know this is the only parashah,who coincide with the unique and beautiful holiday of Hanukkah . Therefore this Shabatt which is also Rosh Hodesh Tevet,  is a very special one , since we have the opportunity to connect to those (3) exceptional energies, who can provide us ,once combined together ,with a tremendous amount of light ,and remove any darkness ,misfortune or lack of peace  that we may experience in our life.  

And since Rosh Hodesh is known ,according to our sages, as a day that we can plant the seed of positivism, khesed and sharing for the entire month to come , therefore we have been recommended to use that unique opportunity in its full force ,and Behezrat Hashem experience and witness a major change and improvement within ourselves ,our family life and the entire community and bring peace among the entire Bnei Israel, in the near future.

Nevertheless we should not forget that those (3) unique energies may be also combined with the messages of “ Mikeitz”, which can probably be followed as a guide line to make the miracle of Hannukah, more feasible and more tangible in our daily life, for whatever we think we may have the need for.

Mikeitz is known for the several  important events who took place in Yoseif ‘s life while he was in Egypt. And its from those miraculous and unexpected events ,that we can  receive the necessary inspiration to fulfill our wishes and bring miracles in our life.           

  Unfortunately many people have difficulties to believe in miracle, especially when we speak about miracles similar to those who happened in Yoseif’s life.” To change suddenly his status of life ,from a Hebrew slave in the darkness of a prison , to a viceroy and  powerful ruler of entire Egypt  .Although this miracle seems, that it all happened overnight ,but in reality it was the result of 13years of hard work, perseverance, restriction and faith and most important , the feeling that he had, that Hashem is protecting him and supporting him ,no matter where he was : “ In the depth of the pit of a prison ,or in the palace that took Pharaoh 3 years to build for him”.                              

  One more important aspect that we should remember, is the fact that we are not supposed only to read about the unique power of restriction and forgiveness ,of Yosaif and admire him, or honor him for his great accomplishment. It is true that its our duty to remember our fathers and appreciate what they did for us ,since without their effort ,we would not be able to receive what we received up to this date. But  the main idea is to keep asking ourselves how they were able to accomplish what they did ,and discover the secret of their success ,and act similarly ,and Behezrat  Hashem receive similar miracles and similar closeness to the Creator.

WHAT IS HANNUKAH ? Isn’t about converting the darkness of the Beit Hamikdash to a permanent and durable Light?  This is exactly what Yoseif did with his effort and the help and support of Hashem .He converted the  physical darkness of the prison to a physical and spiritual Light ,of a beautiful palace from which he had full authority and liberty to perform his mission ,that he was send to perform in Egypt. A mission that he could not perform by himself alone .He needed to join with his wife Asenath, to create two great children like Manasseh and Ephraim. Similar to his father, grandfather and great grand father ,he needed a successor to continue his path and transfer his messages to future generations. But the beauty of the succession of Yoseif ,was in the fact that he was the only one ,who had two equal successors. And unlike Abraham and Isaac who had not too much choice to select between their successors ,and could only select one successor, Yosef had this opportunity of transmitting his mission equally to Menasseh and Ephraim, since they were both worthy and ready to continue the true path of their father Yosef . Similarly every Friday night we have the opportunity to remember their names ,in order to bless our children and grandchildren. Why them ?, and why not Yakov  himself , who was at the seed of this  creation?  

The reason  that these two children were so special , is the fact that they had the merit to grow in such a negative country, without becoming affected by  all the negative thoughts, and negative people surrounding them. And this was also due to the fact that according to the Midrash ,although their mother was adopted by Potiphar ,but she was truly the daughter of Dinah ( Yosef ‘s brother) .And this was another reward of Yosef , to be able to marry a girl from his own people ,among millions of  idolatrous people of Egypt .And as the Torah has been teaching us ,the success of each righteous man, is due to the   collaboration, the support and the spiritual  level of his wife or his true sole mate.  

Another important event related to Yosef ,s life in Egypt, is his confrontation with his brothers after 22 years of separation. Usually in a similar case , we should expect accumulated hate and revenge from the victimized person which ,in this case was Yosef .We can think of the story of the goblet and the false accusation of Benyamin as some sort of revenge from Yosef towards his brothers .But the reality was that Yosef wanted to make sure that his brothers really changed during all those years and learned a lesson from their mistake ,and they understand that the concept of Teshouvah,is not only to regret and feel guilty and admit the mistake ,but to correct and improve ourselves. And it’s only at that time that they deserve the forgiveness of the person they hurt and then the forgiveness of Hashem.Behezrat Hashem in next week’s parashah we will witness the beauty of the forgiveness of Yosef towards his brothers, since this was his intention from the time he met with them.

To conclude and since we mentioned about trying to discover the secret of success of Yosef , our sages teaches us that the main reason that he was able to resist against the temptations of the wife of  Potiphar ,and accepting the unfairness of being sent to prison for a period of 12 years ,and accepting the mistreatement of his brothers. This was all due to the fact that Hashem decided to help him, by making the image of his father Yakov appearing to him ,(during his confrontation and his battle with the wife of Potiphar)who gave him the message that he was not send to Egypt by coincidence ,but instead, to know that he was selected to be the  only successor of his father and be the next leader of Israel ,and bring reality to the  prediction of Hashem to Abraham, about the 400 years of  suffering and oppression  of his offspring, in a land not their own, and after the judgment of Hashem towards that nation, they will leave that nation with great wealth ( with the goal of receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai) .

Therefore, remembering our mission in life and considering it as our highest priority, can help us having more control ,and overcome any  kind of temptation, or negative thoughts

and even being able to control our anger and our desire of vengeance ,and finally awake our tendency towards an unconditional forgiveness , love and sharing ,similar to Yosef towards his brothers.


Shabatt Shalom ,Roch Hodesh Tov, Hannukah Sameyakh.


By : Jacques Mashihi – Dec . 25 th -2008


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